I'm offering you shredder kit which include all laser cut parts from 304 STAINLESS STEEL needed to build the Precious Plastic shredder by yourself. (only mesh is from normal steel and the hexagonal bar is from ST45 steel).

This shredder has already welded parts and has milled holes for countersunk screw. So you don't have to do anything like waste time or money except assembling the kit like LEGO bricks and adjusting.

This is the version 2.1 of the shredder.

Hexagonal bar has already a keyway so it is a big convenience for you and another saving money and time.

You will still need to deburr parts before assembling. To get the perfect adjust of each part you need to have some work with filestripper and vise.

According to Precious Plastic drawings.

I can make any configuration you need and create a dedicated auction for you with dedicated price with shipping..

I'm adding also a few 0,5mm stainless steel "knife spacer" part and "fixed knife small" part for better adjusting the shredder. SOmetimes you can have after assembling the shredder kit like 1 mm clearance. It's because material from factory is not perfect. So during my almost two years of experience with shredders I developed the solution in the form of 0,5 mm parts for better adjusting (fitting).

About shipping...

I think that I can ship parts without any issue in whole Europe. The cost of shipping in Europe is 50 euro.

If I need to ship worldwide I need to know the exact destination (need to check the price and possibilities).

Please check my positive comments from all over the world.

Best regards

Jacek Leśnierowski

Country of Origin: Poland
International Shipping Price Includes: Europe. If Worldwide - I need to check the possibility and shipping costs
Weight: 14kg
Dimensions: package 35x10x20
According to Precious Plastic drawings: Yes
Listing created Jul 10, 2019

Public discussion (9)

Simone D

6 months ago

Hi i want buy this kit. Im in Italy. I already have 250w motor with old reduction box 30rpm.

I would shred plastic bottles like water and detergente.

Rolando Y

6 months ago

My zip code is 90248 CA (California) E.E.U.U. please can you send me the shipping cos

Attila S

6 months ago

Simone D: You wont shred anything with 250W motor. At least you need 1kw, but below 1,5 I wouldn't even think about. Even 2,2 kW motors are weak for the shredder.

Simone D

6 months ago

Ok im searching for 3hp motor.. everyone talks about kw but it would be better to know how many nm the shredder needs to eat the HDPE bottles..

Artur A

6 months ago

Hi !

Tell me how much the delivery will cost Russia city Norilsk zip 663302 ?

Keith John P

6 months ago

Hi, can you deliver to Philippines? Zip 5000 Iloilo City

habib b

4 months ago

Hi Jacek.

Is shipping to Australia possible?

If so could you please send me a quote I'm in Brisbane city 4152, Queensland.

Nathan W

4 months ago

Hi could you tell me about shipping to Antananarivo Madagascar?

Jesse C

2 months ago

Hello can you give me total cost shipped to Santa Fe, Texas 77510. USA

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