2000W BLDC Gearmotor for Shredder or Extruder

This is a State of The Art Brushless Gearmotor.
Powerful, compact, versatile, silent and durable.
Includes a 110V Driver with display for speed control.

Voltage: 155V (110V Driver provides correct voltage)
Power: 2000W
Motor rated speed: 3000RPM
Gear ratio: 1 :50
Final output speed: 60RPM
Rated torque: 210NM
Pretection rank:IP54(motor);
IP65(Planetary gear box) Appropriate environment:Temperature:0-50 °C; Humidity: < 90%
Controller#: BD30H25130
Weight:Motor:8.5KG; Planetary gear box:9KG
Total Weight: 18.5KG

ATTENTION: Turnaround time is 20 to 30 days.

Please contact me regarding shipping to other regions
not listed below.

Thank you

Country of Origin: China
International Shipping Price Includes: Europe, South and Central America, Australia, Canada
Weight: 18.5KG
Dimensions: 423mm x 130mm x 130mm
Voltage: 120v
According to Precious Plastic drawings: Yes
Listing created Jun 25, 2019

Public discussion (4)

Brian S

18 days ago

I bought this motor. Wondering if it’s possible to increase the rpm’s from 60. In the forum, a team is running their extruder at 440 rpm with great speed results. Thanks!


17 days ago

Hello, if you remove the planetary gear you will have a motor with much larger RPM with low torque. Therefore, you will have to add another planetary gear with less reduction, say 1:15 so you get 200rpm or something similar.

The forum team may be using a 3Kw motoreducer, in your case you will want to run a less powerful motor at 220RPM or 250RPM not much more than that otherwise the material may get stuck inside the barrel.

In the end, it all depends on the density of the material being pushed inside the barrel.

Brian S

17 days ago

Great, thanks! Do you happen to know what size planetary gear and where I may buy one?


16 days ago

I get motors from China, but you can get it in the US for a higher price.

What is the ratio you are looking for?

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