Extrusion Machine Parts + Control Box Bundle

Description __________________________

1x Assembled Electronics Box for Extrusion Machine.

•Wooden Laser Cut Box

•1 ON/OFF switch (used instead of the 2 buttons shown on image)

• Voltage: 220v

• 2 temperature Controllers

• 2 temperature thermocouples

• 4 Band Heaters 175W or better

• Maximum temperature: 300 º C

Lead Time: up to 15 business days

/ ___________________________________

1x Machined Barrel with welded brackets and BSPP threads.

Size: 25mm(internal diameter) X 530mm (length +5mm tolerance)

External diameter: 35mm

Material: ST-52 Steel

/ ____________________________________

1x Extruder Screw

Size: 24.6mm(diameter) X 588mm (length)

End shaft diameter: 15mm


Material: 38CrMoAlA Steel.

/ _____________________________________

1x Nozzles w/ BSPP Threads

1x 1.75mm Nozzle tip

1x 3mm Nozzle tip

/ _____________________________________

International Shipping:
Please provide your country in order to get accurate shipping quote.

LEAD TIME: 15 days

Country of Origin: USA
International Shipping Price Includes: South Korea, Europe, Australia
Weight: 8kg
Dimensions: 60cm x 25cm x 25cm
Voltage: 220v
According to Precious Plastic drawings: No
Listing created Jun 7, 2019

Public discussion (9)

Rainer S

6 months ago

Hallo sind das alle Teile um eine Extrusion Maschine zu bauen. Und wie hoch wären die Versandkosten nach Deutschland.


6 months ago

Hallo, das sind die wichtigsten Teile, aber nicht alle Teile.

Sie müssen einen Motor hinzufügen und den Rahmen bauen.

Die Versandkosten nach Deutschland betragen 90 Euro.


Quentin G

3 months ago

Hi do you send it in french Polynesia ?




3 months ago

Yes, we do.

Karin H

3 months ago

Hi, wie hoch sind die Versandkosten nach Jamaica?


Karin H

3 months ago

Wait, are you actually in Jamaica? Your location shows as Spanish Town. Is that where you are?


3 months ago

Hello Karin, no, i am in Homestead , Florida. How can i help you?


Tes V

2 months ago

how much will it be to send it to Miami Four star cargo..and are there any more parts needed to build...I understand that the table need to be made...anything else?




2 months ago

Hi, The shipping to Miami is free.

You will need:

The barrel support

Motor with wormgear

VFD (Variable Frequency Drive- optional)

UCFL202 flange bearing or UCFL204 plus bushing

15mm Shaft Coupling + Coupling for the shaft coming out of your wormgear


Table, Nuts and bolts, Tools.


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