380 V, has a powerfull 2,2 Kw engine. The shredder is equipped with reverse and emergency stop buttons. If you have any questions on how the machine works feel free to ask. I can also send you a video on how the machine works.

Country of Origin: Russia
International Shipping Price Includes: 60 kg
Weight: according to precious plastic
Dimensions: according to precious plastic
Voltage: 380v
According to Precious Plastic drawings: Yes
Listing created May 18, 2019

Public discussion (13)

Niko S

3 months ago

Hi Roman

How much is it to ship to Germany?

Roman N

3 months ago

Hi, got no idea, but the best thing to do is to find out in your place. It is cheaper

Geoffeot S

2 months ago

Hi how much is it to ship to Belgium please?

Story C

1 month ago

Hi How much is it to ship to Zimbabwe ?

Roman N

1 month ago

To ship 4 machines or 1?

Story C

1 month ago

Only one Sir

Roman N

1 month ago

Got to find out, but at least 600 Euro

Rainer S

1 month ago

Hallo wie hoch wären die Versandkosten für den Schredder nach Deutschland

Roman N

30 days ago

Hallo zirka 500 Euro

Ignat S

28 days ago

Bello,i want to know how much will cost the shopping to spain ,03724

arief a

26 days ago

can you send me the quotation for this unit

email me at

if possible in malaysian ringgit

azad a

8 days ago

How Much would it be to ship it to the philippines

Roman N

7 days ago

HI, that one has been sold already , got new one for 800 Euro

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