First Sheet From Original Unreleased V4 Sheet Pressing System

The very first sheet pressed from 20kg of Senegalese beach waste using the first prototype of the sheet pressing system which will be open sourced as part of the V4 launch in October 2019. As seen in episode 27 of monthly news.

The sheet measures 1260mmx1260mm and is signed by both artists and designers of the system, Mark Bachrach and Jason Knight.

The package also includes a video of unreleased footage showing the process of the exact sheet you will recive being made.

Country of Origin: Netherlands
International Shipping Price Includes: Yes
Color: Mix (Primarily green blue, black, red and white)
Weight: 20kg
Dimensions: 1260x1260
Source of plastic: Senegalese beach waste
Plastic type: PP
Made with: Other
Production: Limited
Finish: High
Plastic type symbol: Yes
Listing created Apr 25, 2019

Public discussion (3)

Plastic Hub

9 months ago

great stuff, thanks for sharing, can we ask what tolerances in thickness those sheets can have ? i am just curious about what is possible :-)

Jason Knight

9 months ago

+/- 1mm

Ilse H

7 months ago

its beautiful!!!! I wanted to order it to use as a backsplash for my kitchen. but its a bit out of my price range ;)

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