Our new product designed and made by the students at the International School of Kenya! The Skateboard is made out of HDPE with steel rods embedded to keep it sturdy. We fit them with real skateboard wheels and axels to make sure they handle just as well as any professional skateboard.

Country of Origin: Kenya
International Shipping Price Includes: Yes
Color: Varied
Weight: 10 pounds
Dimensions: Approx 71 x 84 cm
Source of plastic: Waste Dump
Plastic type: HDPE
Made with: Compression machine
Production: Series
Finish: High
Plastic type symbol: No
Listing created Mar 31, 2019

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Alejandro S

16 days ago

Me interesa saber el proceso de la elaboración, estamos en un proyecto de reciclaje y me parece una magnífica idea la que han realizado, espero me puedan ayudar, gracias.

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