Hexagon shape for injector

Form for injector. Engraved in a piece of duralumin. Connection to injector through 1/2 inch adapter. Great for making tiles for decorative use.

Country of Origin: Russia
International Shipping Price Includes: all
Weight: 1
Dimensions: 10sm*10sm
Material: duralumin
Technique: CNC
Mould for: Injection machine
Listing created Nov 22, 2018

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Nick B

1 years ago

Hello, I am interested in your mould. Would you be able to put the galvanized screw on top to connect to the barrel of the injector machine?

The pitch is 1.6mm

The height of the thread is 1.4 cm

Here is a picture: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-oXVTrjmrrgs/W_7RU0Nz-5I/AAAAAAAABo8/fjkLHyzNoW01KWytY8qB46LnDHV-H3NQwCL0BGAYYCw/h800/e283cb06-918b-4088-8b46-b309b14a0ff1

What would the price be? how much time will it be done in?

What is the price with shipment to Montreal, Canada?

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