Hexagon Injection Molding

Molding for Making Hexagon Tiles.

3 metal plate.
Top - 6mm steel plate with 5 holes
Middle - 8mm steel plate with 4 holes and hexagon space
Bottom- 6mm steel plate with 4 holes.

Center Hole is 16mm ( can be adjust upon request)

Package come with
1) 3 steel plate ( Top, Middle & Bottom)
2) 4 set of M8 bolt and nut

Just feel free to msg us if you have any question,

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Country of Origin: Malaysia
International Shipping Price Includes: Pm for Quotation
Weight: 3kg
Dimensions: 140x140x22
Material: Steel
Technique: Laser Cut
Mould for: Injection machine
Listing created Nov 11, 2018

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Nick B

1 years ago

Hello, I am interested in your mould. Would you be able to put the galvanized screw on top to connect to the barrel of the injector machine?

The pitch is 1.6mm

The height of the thread is 1.4 cm

Here is a picture: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-oXVTrjmrrgs/W_7RU0Nz-5I/AAAAAAAABo8/fjkLHyzNoW01KWytY8qB46LnDHV-H3NQwCL0BGAYYCw/h800/e283cb06-918b-4088-8b46-b309b14a0ff1

What would the price be? how much time will it be done in?

What is the price with shipment to Montreal, Canada?

richie l

12 months ago

hi can you tell me the length of the hex side please.

yi y

12 months ago

Hi richie,

The side is 6cm.

richie l

12 months ago

thank you. i guess you can change this side to make a different size hex?

yi y

12 months ago

Yes. We can chance the size of the hex.

If you want the hex to be bigger.

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