IPhone 7/8 Hardcover

Random Hardcover for iPhone 7 and iPhone 8

All hard covers are made from 100% recycled PP plastic. The material is donated by friends and local enterprises, is shredded, melted and pressed in its new shape. Every single hard cover is unique and you can be sure that the cover you have, no one else will have.


  • 100% recycleted PP

  • Made in Germany

  • Very durable

  • produced with 100% renewable Energy

We are the small enterprise SOTOP-Recycling which means Solution to Pollution. And that's exactly what we plan to do. Making great Solutions for waste problems and with you buying our product you are a part of the Solution too :)

PS: the delivered Products are likely not exactly the same color as on the pictures but very very similar :)
You know they´re all unique :)

So feel free to contact us and ask questions if you have some or visit us on our website www.sotop-recycling.com, Bye :)

Country of Origin: Germany
International Shipping Price Includes: the delivery to your home
Color: Let luck choose a color for you... ;)
Weight: 25g
Dimensions: 140x70x10mm
Source of plastic: collected from local enterprises and citizens
Plastic type: PP
Made with: Injection machine
Production: Limited
Finish: High
Plastic type symbol: No
Listing created Oct 30, 2018

Public discussion (5)

Singular MARS

1 years ago

Great product and awesome concept ! Love that it's made with renewable energy !

Justin M

11 months ago

Are these cases durable? I've seen other recycled cases that crack and scratch very easily.


11 months ago

Hey Justin,

we have had problems with some of the first ones we produced. Now we are pretty advanced in the process and havent had any problems ever since with cracking or other quality problems :)

Justin M

11 months ago

:-) What material are these made from?


11 months ago

They are made of Polypropylen :) PP.

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