Complete Injection machine

Complete injection machine
Based on PP design but adapted:


In order to save materials and space we changed the frame to a standard frame for all machines. An extra feature is that the heated parts of the injection machine are surrounded by the frame so it is safer to use. By sliding the foot (3x3cm square bar ) into the frame that has a 4x4 square bar and locking it into place the machine is secured.


Because we use small moulds for this machine we need to change them often while the injection machine is heated and the plastic melted. To avoid a mess with dripping plastic we added a sliding valve so we can disconnect the moulds propperly. We also made a joint using a dubble M-M nipple (metric 16) to srew and unscrew the moulds propperly. The coupling can be dismounted witch allows the heated tube to be accessed.


We used a 4x4cm square bar in stead of 2 flat strips as a part of the leaver system to stabilize the pushing rod.


Our hopper is made out of 2 parts: the original hopper sides are cut out of a 1mm metal plate as one piece and bent into their final shape. To ensure a tight bottom fit to the barrel we use a metal plate with a 30mm diameter hole that slides over the barrel.


We installed an extra safety valve just above the hopper unit so it can be closed easily when required. This prevents hot wax from escaping when the plastic is heated. It is also a pre adaptation to fit an air suction system to eliminate fumes formed during the heating proces.


We deiced to change the 1 vs 3 heated elements configuration to a 2 vs 2 setup to get a better influece on melting temperatures.


Because the steel pipe is heated to high temperatures (150-200°C) and we want to limit heat distribution through the frame we isolated the heated parts.

The machine has a TYPE E plug and works on 230V

moulds are not included
Shipping price is not included and can be calculated on request.

more information on

Country of Origin: Belgium
International Shipping Price Includes: worldwide
Weight: 35kg incl frame
Dimensions: 110 X 32 X 140cm
Voltage: 220v
According to Precious Plastic drawings: No
Listing created Oct 21, 2018

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Peter B

1 years ago

How much is shipping this machine to Slovakia ? Please send me reply to mail Thank you.


1 years ago

Thanks for the question, we've sent a reply to your mail adres.



prosper a

10 months ago

please update me with shipping cost to Nigeria @ .


Ajith R

7 months ago

please send me ore details. will you ship to Sri Lanka and what would the cost be.

kindly email to ''


7 months ago

Hi Ajith

Your email doesn't seem to be working



Eugenio N

5 months ago

Hola. Me gustaría comprar tu máquina. Aquí te agrego mi correo para poder contactar gracias

arief a

5 months ago

can you send me the quotation for this unit

email me at

if possible in malaysian ringgit

Ramiro G

30 days ago


We are from a school in Madrid and we are very interested in buyin the injection machine. We want to know how much will be cost to send it to Madrid and how long will be take. my email is

Thaks very much in advance



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