Auto-Reversing complete shredder

Ultimately, “Precious Plastic” is a platform for people all around the world to collect, recycle, build and sell recycled plastic goods, The precious plastic open source project encourages anyone to get involved by developing machinery and business opportunities to buy and sell recycles plastics projects and of course this allows for a cleaner earth by collecting un-wanted plastic .

Crutchfield Engineering is to build and further develop the machine series, based on open source blueprints from the Precious Plastic to reduce plastic waste. Its purpose is to shred common plastic waste so that the shreds can be melted and extruded to create new products by anybody in the subsequent machine series. The main goals of the Precious Plastic project were to build the shredder at minimum cost and to develop an improved version after testing it. It was built using in-house machines at the workshop and is powered by a gearbox/motor that can be offered in versions. Minor modifications were made of the original designs to improve handling and assembling of the machine. The gearmotor and its electronics were also built on a separate platform to create a modularised unit that is easily detached if desired to be stored or shipped abroad.

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Country of Origin: South Africa
International Shipping Price Includes: yes, inquire regarding which country
Weight: 72Kg
Dimensions: 1100 x 800x 500mm
Voltage: 220v
According to Precious Plastic drawings: No
Listing created Aug 31, 2018

Public discussion (7)

Rafael V

11 months ago

cuanto costaría enviarlo a España, Sevilla?


Andre S

10 months ago

Bom dia, qual valor para frete São Paulo, Brasil?

Crutchfield Engineering

10 months ago

Dia bom. O frete seria de aproximadamente US $ 650 para o seu aeroporto internacional. A partir daí, você precisará coletar ou ter uma agência limpa o triturador de impostos.


Crutchfield Engineering

10 months ago

Hola Rafael V. Lo siento por la respuesta tardía. Descubrí que puedo traducir tu mensaje a través de Google. El precio del flete aéreo es de aproximadamente $ 650.

Lewis T

9 months ago

Hie im lewi im in Zimbabwe triangle how mucb is shipping

Crutchfield Engineering

9 months ago

Hi Lewis. give me a day to answer you. Let me find out from the the company we deal with logistics. Are you okay with that?

Leila K

6 months ago


how much would it be to ship it to Burundi (east-Africa)?

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