Assembled PID Temperature Controller - Marble-ized

Can be wired for 120V or 220V. Has a USA plug, but can be switched and/or adapted for any international plug also. Will include 4 (connected) bare wires each for thermocouples & power terminals (not pictured). The XLR terminals will be omitted for now (until the band heaters arrive then I will probably wire all connections into a XLR plug that will allow for quick-disconnects). If you are interested in having this capability and want me to hurry up and finish it go ahead and let me know! Color choices are possible (2-4 colors) as well as other custom enclosure possibilities (retro lunch box anyone?!) Comes fully assembled and ready to go with a fast-blow fuse for protection.

International Shipping Includes: Almost everywhere! I am not aware of any restrictions yet, but they may occur.
Weight: 4lb
According to Precious Plastic drawings: Yes
Dimensions: 7 x 6 x 5
Listing created Jun 17, 2018

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Brad S

27 days ago

Hi Bob. Can you tell us what material the box is made out of? Also, can you add a picture of the inside? Thank you

Img 4700

Precious Plastic USA

26 days ago

These look super cool!


Brad S

24 days ago

Hello Bob. These are really cool. So thank you for your ideas! I do have to warn everyone that if the boxes are not made out of Flame Retardant materials then these will pose a fire danger. A fuse will not be enough as I have seen fuses not fail. Typically bottle caps are PP or HDPE which is highly flammable. Please help us feel safe with these boxes. Thanks

Attempt 2

Precious Plastic North America

3 days ago

Really love the design! We may have to make a deal to partner with you!

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