Extrusion - Section/Components - Catalonia/Spain

Package contents:

- Extrusion screw, chromium, 50 cm, 10 hours work, 60 Euro material

- Extrusion barrel, E235, 48 cm, 50 Euro

- 1 Set of motor couplers, 4 hours work, aluminium 6061, tell us the input diameter, 20 Euro!

- 4x heat bands, 300 Watt, 100 Euro

- Adapters/Filter, brass, 25 Euro

- 2x SSR/PID relay/controller, 30 Euro

- 2x Nozzles, 2mm, 10mm, 30 Euro

Not included: cable & switches or control panel

All sections/components can be dissasmblied

references parts/sources/times : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10WGp165XFZS_D9qykwzc-0MKKxOuYu_xDW5xcRvkV3E/edit#gid=0

International Shipping Includes: Europe
Weight: 15 Kg
Voltage: 220v
According to Precious Plastic drawings: No
Dimensions: 60 cm, 15 cm, 15cm package
Listing created Jun 15, 2018

Public discussion (3)


Emilie B

24 days ago

Waow ! So you built a 2 in 1 machine with the shredder and the extrusion machines together ?

What is the power of your motor ? How does it work ?

Why are you selling parts of your machine ?

We would be interested in buying your parts for the extrusion machine in order to assemble one in congo. Delivery would be in France.

Thanks for your answer !



Catalonia Connection

24 days ago

yes its a 2 in one machine, simple at the end. it's a 5hp motor. I am building this machine for various communities, hence it took quite some research, i can offer it at low cost.

why parts do you need ? just the extrusion barrel & screw, or all together ?


Matthias H

23 days ago

Is this set directly available? Im waiting on my motor do get an idea of het output diameter. As soon as i know i would love to order one of these sets!

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