Shredder & Extruder - Catalonia/Spain

Shredder & Extruder in one

Please ask options : without frame = 60 Euro less, 3Hp = 100 Euro more and international shipping.

example pictures:

all used parts are new & of high quality

parts and details:

International Shipping Includes: Europe
Weight: 50kg
Voltage: 220v
According to Precious Plastic drawings: No
Dimensions: 80cm x 60cm x 1.50m
Listing created May 29, 2018

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Björn v

11 days ago

How much would shipping to NZ be? 7What can be made? Do you have molds or are they easily made? would I need anything else to recycle and recreate?


Catalonia Connection

10 days ago

Hi, the shipping to New-Zealand would be extreme expensive (nearly 800 Euro). Could you manage to find somebody with some basic tools like a 'angle grinder, welder and drill press' ? this tools are around 300 Euro. You can do the frame, hopper and other things and save easily 500 Euro shipping that way. The same goes for a motor and reducer. The more you can create or buy locally, the cheaper it gets.


Catalonia Connection

10 days ago

molds: yes, we have a generous mold offer here in the bazar, from 100e upwards. as long you give us the design, we machine it for you. but I'm wondering now it really makes sense for you to import it from Spain to NZ. Molds need a lot of attention and fine tuning, it's very possible you have to request new molds with updated designs. It's probably much cheaper to find a regular machine shop or build your own CNC (around 1000-2000 euro).

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