Climbing grip mold

Those molds can be used with the injection machine or extrusion. This way you can cover any surface to get your own climbing wall !

(The more different mold you have, the more playfull the climbing will be ! )

Country of Origin: France
International Shipping Price Includes: yes
Weight: 400 g
Dimensions: 15x15x6cm
Material: aluminum and steel
Technique: aluminum foundry
Mould for: Injection machine
Listing created May 15, 2018

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17 days ago

Are this legal and safe for climbing?

Johé Bruneau - Handicraftman

16 days ago

Hi, I sell mold, not final product. Thermoplastic are more slippery than resin mixed with sand, normally used for grips. I would say it is OK to use not higher than 3 meter (block climbing). I wouldn't take the responsibility of putting recycled plastic grips 10 m high! But as long as you are properly attached with your rope, I think it would make the climb more tricky and maybe more fun for skilled climber!

Miquel C

3 days ago

Hi, how many different pieces comes in one kit (200€)?? Thanks!! :)

Johé Bruneau - Handicraftman

3 days ago

200 euros is the price for one mold, shipping not involve, if you have precious plastic machines, then you can make as many grip as you want! :)

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