Machined Plastic Injection Barrel/Tube Threaded

Machined Tube with plastic feeding window cut and threaded at the nozzle end.

Can be used for Extrusion or Injection Machine.

Availability: May 20th

Size: 530mm x 25mm (i.d.) x 35mm (e.d.)

Tolerance (length):+5mm

Thread: 35mm x 1.5

Material: Steel

Shipping included only for continental USA

International shipping must be calculated.

If you need the nozzle please ask.

Thank You

International Shipping Includes: Europe, Central America and Canada shipping charges NOT included
Weight: 1.6kg
According to Precious Plastic drawings: No
Dimensions: 535mm X 35mm
Listing created May 10, 2018

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Rory D

18 hours ago

Hey Megatec,

I have a question about the thread and nozzle. Is the thread standard enough for me to purchase a 1inch to 1/2 reducer like Dave uses in his beam video? What does your nozzle look like that you provide? Thanks

Square megatec print 1024x1024


5 hours ago

Hello Rory, the thread is 35mm with 1.5mm steps but is not BSP type.

I use a custom Nozzle with a 3mm tip and the barrel has an adapter with springs that make the nozzle tip go down inside the mold channel when the lever is active. When the lever is released the barrel returns to its original position.

This system is similar to small manual plastic injectors that you see on youtube and it makes the injection cycle much faster since you dont have to screw in / out the mold anymore.

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