Full electronic kit for injection machine


Note: 120V version is also available

Shipping is not included. Price depends on your location.

The kit includes:

  • Thermo controller x2
  • Heater x2 (wires in a protected braid 1 meter long) 34D 42 mm 250W 230V
  • Heater with thermocouple x2 (wires in a protected braid 1 meter long) 34D 42 mm 250W 230V (type J)
  • Solid state relay (with passive cooling) x2
  • On/Off button
  • Power cable
  • Connector for power cable
  • All inner wires (already with crimped and soldered connector). Plus each wire is labeled, you do not need to understand the electrics at all, just assamble them.
  • Laser cut plywood box (perfect fit, could be assembled witout glue)
  • Bolts and nuts
Country of Origin: Russia
International Shipping Price Includes: Not included
Weight: 3
Dimensions: 200mm X 200mm X 150mm
Voltage: 220v
According to Precious Plastic drawings: Yes
Listing created Apr 14, 2018

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Edward H

1 years ago

Hello, how much is shipping to UK and how quickly could it get there? Thank you

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Bob Drillin

11 months ago

If anyone is interested in a 120V version in the USA I can help with that.

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