Precious plastic Shredder (modified to imperial system)

Hello everyone, we have modified the shredder to fit the imperial system. We have used 1/4" instead 6mm, 3/16" instead 5 mm and gage 11 sheet instead of 3 mm. These parts are laser cut and in stainless steel.

The assembled unit includes:

-AISI 304 stainless steel laser cut parts

-AISI 1018 axle (stainless steel under request)

-Carbon steel screws

-11 mm diameter carbon steel sieve

-Mounting angles.


We are located in Guadalajara, Mexico.

International Shipping Includes: I need to check the possibility and shipping costs
Weight: 15 kg aproximately
According to Precious Plastic drawings: No
Dimensions: 210 x 161 X 135 mm
Listing created Jan 11, 2018

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Deuel D

3 months ago

Hello good day. I am from the Carribean I also have an adress in the US. If you can let me know the shipping cost as well as the cost for assembly. Please thanks


Lloyd G

3 months ago


What will be the shipment price to Miami Florida?

Is it possible to include de hopper as well?

What will be the additional price.

Hope to hear from you soon?


Satmak tv 02

Hiram G

3 months ago

Lloyd: Yesterday I quoted a shipping to Virgina in the US and it was 170 USD. Use this as a reference while I get the price to Miami. Yes we can include the hopper for about 40 USD.


BYPA BackYardPlanetaryAlliance

3 months ago

So what is the cost assembled and shipped to northern california?


Leo R

3 months ago

Hello! What would be the cost of assembling and shipping a unit to Honduras (if possible)?


claudio c

3 months ago

hi my friend, see price more cheap shipping by dhl and EMS express or TNT for Brazil in zipcode 76901201 my email is



David S

2 months ago

Es posible enviar hasta Ecuador? cual es el precio ensamblada? Estoy muy interesado.


Ruben O

1 month ago

Cuanto vale en pesos mexicanos? Estoy en Zacatecas.


Alejandro R

25 days ago

¿Cuánto sale en total? Estoy en Baja California

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