2 Bearings for shredder

2 bearings UCFL204 FGJ, this offer is not as good as ordering the bearings together with shaft because if you order shaft and bearings the shipping for both items will be 17 euro which is much more better, if you want to order shaft with bearings just write me a message. The ordering scheme is changing affecting orders made in June - every order made before 15.6. will be shipped before 22.6. every order made between 15.6. and 29.6. will be shipped before 6.7., I hope this change makes it better for everyone. I´m cathing up with the orders from may now because I was finishng my masters degree so I didn´t have time for anything, thanks for the patience folks!

International Shipping Includes: Europe
Weight: 0,7 kg
According to Precious Plastic drawings: Yes
Dimensions: -
Listing created Dec 17, 2017

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Manuel R

24 days ago

Hi, I am interested. It will bi shipped to Spain. How much is it?

How much are shaft, bearings and shipping costs?

Thanks you.

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