Stainless steel Shredder kit (not assembled) -READ CAREFULLY


This kit includes all the laser cut parts from 304 stainless steel needed to build the Precious Plastic shredder by yourself.

Price for parts which are in the picture.

If you need only the laser cut parts the price is 225 euro

Hexagonal bar - 33 euro

All complete set (laser cut parts + hexagonal bar + bearings,bolts, nuts, rods, mesh) - 300 euro

You will still need to deburr parts and clean off protective film before assembling.

According to Precious Plastic drawings.

Sometimes if someone need such part welded I weld it like in one of the picture (better for shipping because I can put some other parts inside and be sure that other parts will not miss during the transport :D

If you want a specific set of parts for a shredder, assembled unit or spare parts don't hesitate to contact me.

Just write to me with the description of what you need.

I can make any configuration you need and create a dedicated auction for you.

You need only bearings,bolts,nuts,rods - tell me

You need only blades - tell me

You need only stainless steel parts - tell me

You need only hexagonal bar - tell me (or just order from my other action)

If you need the electric motor (one phase or 3 phase) with reductor please contact with me. I have access to brand new sets. Why new sets not used? I have bad experience with used motors and the difference in price betweend new and used here in Poland is not so big. But it will take some time to organize the set for you. Just please tell me what you need and I will try to help you.

About shipping...

I think that I can ship parts without any issue in whole Europe. The cost of shipping in Europe is 50 euro.

If I need to ship worldwide I need to know the exact destination (need to check the price and possibilities).

Sample photos because the ordered configurations can be different.

Best regards

Jacek Leśnierowski

International Shipping Includes: Europe. If Worldwide - I need to check the possibility and shipping costs
Weight: Around 14-15kg
According to Precious Plastic drawings: Yes
Dimensions: Usually box is around 13cm x 18cm x 34cm
Listing created Nov 2, 2017

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Fernando L

4 months ago

Excellent Kit. Do you ship it to Brazil ?

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Sacra Iglesia Dhoosita

3 months ago

Hello Jacek, I'm in Acapulco, México. Could you please check how much would it cost to send me ALL the parts that I need to assemble the shredder? In my town it's quite hard to get the laser cut parts, I have found someone who sell the whole machine as a kit or assembled, but you are actually cheaper.


Carlos S

3 months ago

Hello, how much would it be to send complete kit NOT INCLUDING motor to Penang Malaysia


Gunar A

3 months ago

Cost to ship entire set to USA?

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FSL India

2 months ago


I'm in Kundapura, India. How much it will be to send All complete set ??

Could you let me know how long it will take to receive everything ?

Thanks in advance


Joey S

2 months ago

hello!! I'm very much interested on your kit. do you ship in the Philippines? Thank you very much!


Carlos C

2 months ago

Hi Jacek! How are you ? I hope you are okey ;) I´m really interesting in what you offer, is there any posibility to send all the parts to Santiago de Chile? And how much it will cost? Thanks for your time!


Daniela C

2 months ago

Hello! please. Could you give me the price for the shipping to Perú? Thank u so much


Elise V

2 months ago

Hi, do you ship to Geelong Austraila?

I’m looking for a complete set including the motor


james s

1 month ago

Hi, is there any chance you could quote a full set to be shipped to Cornwall, England? Many thanks


Ghazi I

1 month ago

Hi, do you ship to Lebanon?

I’m looking for a complete set

Cost including the motor

Cost without the motor


harzoune v

1 month ago


Je cherche un ensemble complet

prix incluant le moteur

prix sans le moteur

livraison a Paris

merci mon mail


Lloyd G

1 month ago

Hi Jacek,

- What are the shipping cost to Amsterdam, Netherlands?

- Can you deliver the hopper part as well?

- Incase of a yes what are the extra costs

Hope to hear from you soon.




Lloyd G

25 days ago

A kind reminder!


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