Surf Wax Comb

Surf Wax comb to either clean off old wax from your board or roughen up existing wax layers. Comes in various colors but we can try and make according to your wishes. Customization for companies are possible as well. Shipping cost will vary to destination but 5 Euros should be easily enough and we will only charge for the actual cost.

International Shipping Price Includes: Europe, USA, Australia
Color: various but can be made to order
Weight: 25g
Dimensions: 10 cm x 7 cm
Source of plastic: Waste rice sacks and rice sack off cuts from our bag production
Plastic type: PP
Made with: Injection machine
Production: Series
Finish: Medium
Plastic type symbol: No
Listing created Sep 6, 2017

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2 years ago

Totally RADICAL ! :)

That looks like a VERY nicely designed cut CNC mold! We might like to produce your design locally, and sell your product here in the Maldives! (Of course with proper (cc) attribution). Would you be able to supply a mold? Would you be interested?

Thank you very much,


Precious Plastic Maldives @ Soneva Fushi Resort Maker Programme

Rice and Carry

2 years ago

Hi Remko,

The mold we are using is made by @Leebaz from Colombo Design Studio.

Please contact him via lee@colombodesignstudio.

Best regards,



2 years ago

Wow, thanks! We will!

Colombo ... so nearby! What are the odds?!



David V

2 years ago

Hi there,

Last year I was learning to surf in Arugam Bay and the locals who taught us, said that a lot of fins break and were expensive to replace. Why not make the fins the same way as the Surf Wax Comb? It has already been done by Ecofins ( but they decided to make the fins in Australia. I think it would be better to make it local and open source in order to maximize the impact. Maybe not the top-of-the-line quality if you just use plastic, but for beginners on large beginner-boards, it will probably make no difference.


Rice and Carry

1 years ago

HI David,

Thanks a lot for the input. Fins are on our list for quite some time. It can surely be done for as you suggested beginner fins. only problem is the initial cost to get the molds done. Thing is it needed 3 different molds for side fins and trailer so that costs a bit to get done.

Best regards from Sri Lanka,


Driftre Recycle

10 months ago

IT is possible to buy and or personalize the mold?


Drifter Recycle STAFF

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