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At FOS we work to make products that won't be a problem at the end of their useful life by combining the right designs, materials and processes. Since we believe products should be produced within a reasonable radius from the production point we don't only sell the products, but also the moulds that allow anyone to make these sunglasses in their ecosystem.

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I've had the glasses made and am really pleased! The optometrist had a little trouble grinding the lenses to match the shape of the frame but it all worked out fine. Where can I send pictures?
Great Work!
Amazing quality! Keep it up guys!!
Perfect transaction! Great communication and just as ordered.
Great glasses! Coloring and quality are just what I expected.
Everything was fine I only think the glasses should have names so when we order is easy to specify which one we want.
Everything went so good! My sunglasses arrived in a perfect condition and fast! Thanks a lot Esférica!
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