Recycling Lab Zelenew is a project that combines design, social entrepreneurship and engineering. Zelenew’s goal is to create different solutions that will transform plastic from a long lasting environmental problem to the valuable and sustainable product.
Our name 'Zelenew' is a hybrid of two words 'Zelen' as 'GREEN' from the Ukrainian language and 'New' as the innovative approach of our lab. We are based in Lviv, Ukraine and are a part of the creative hub Zavod, a revitalized old Soviet factory.

Our mission, as a social entrepreneurship, is to implement and multiply over 20 efficient recycling technologies that we have perfected over the last three years. We thrive to increase the assortment of items people all over the world can produce using reclaimed plastic. We allocate a part of profits of our lab on making it real.

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Thank you Zelenew for the bowls! They look beautiful! We are going to put them on display so everyone can see! Everything was taken care of and overall a very positive experience.

Vivian v about listing Blue bowl 19 days ago.
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Baskets (and extras) were great, thanks

Transmutation about listing Baskets 2 months ago.

happy to buy

Patrik D about listing Soap dish 2 months ago.