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Thank you for supporting Unnatural Surf. You should know that by using your “unnatural plastic” you are keeping our streets and beaches just a little bit cleaner than before. All of the plastic used for your piece has been found or donated. Most of it is comprised of old buckets, bottle tops, lids, and other HDPE plastics. Once the right colors have been collected; the plastic is melted, pressed and hand shaped to make a new use for what was once destined for a landfill. Each piece is one of a kind and is as close to perfect as possible. You will, however, find imperfections, such as wrinkles or bubble holes, in the plastic. This is all part of the hand-pressed process and should not affect the performance of your piece. Please pay note to the care instructions. For questions or comments, contact me or follow me @unnaturalsurf

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Response was very slow.

Yohei K about listing HDPE Wall Clock 7 months ago.

Well received. Love to see different product application from PP machine.

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