Rice and Carry

Rice & Carry products are made from locally collected and

carefully cleaned recycled materials. All fabrics we use are

fair trade certified and made in Sri Lanka.

We are a social enterprise that is not built on optimising

profits but rather on empowering and improving the

livelihoods of the communities on Sri Lanka’s East Coast.

Rice & Carry products are produced at our small production

facility in Komari and in the homes of our makers in Pottuvil.

Most of our makers are women who have flourished into creative

and professional manufacturers during our work with them.

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Thanks for sending it out so quickly and for sending an extra. They look great and I look forward to using them and showing them off.

Precious Plastic Los Angeles about listing Surf Wax Comb 4 months ago.
Fiona 2017 no1

really nice product - solid and nice to handle.

southaussienomad about listing Surf Wax Comb 5 months ago.

Still have not received my wallet. It is December the 29th.

Larz K about listing Wallet small from fused plastic bags 6 months ago.