Chadrick G

a sustainable future starts in our local communities, if all around the world small businesses start to see the potential in recycling plastic not only for the environment but the economy behind it then less trucks will be shipping plastic on roads wasting gas and perpetuating the mining of these materials from the earth. from my research I don't think food grade products or very practical to small businesses seeing too much red tape and safety regulations, but there is a ever growing need for affordable housing and a massive multitude of products that could be made out of recycled plastic for the construction industry. I think that if every town and city simply recycled all their old plastic into building materials we could clean up our rivers, oceans, forests, and city's in no time once all that old plastic is looked at as money instead of trash. in Durango there is no shortage of houses being built year round and is a pretty environmentally conscious city including our right winged friends in the fight so I would hope this would be the perfect city to show the rest of America what is possible if the community really comes together to solve its problems. so I'm just starting to take the first steps to completing my goal if anybody sees this and lives in the area and wants to help or has any knowledge that would be useful call or text me I suck at email and usually work 8-5 but I would love to discuss and collaborate with the community to jumpstart this and make it a reality hopefully soon so team mates definitely wanted 541 639 2010

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