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Maybe you are wondering about the name DIYRecy. So let me tell you something about me and my little business.

My brother was told me about the Projekt Precious Plastic six days after Version 2 came out and i was realy happy about it. On the same day I wanted to start building the machines. I was really motivated and since this day I had a new projekt til today. But after a couple of hours i realized it will not that simple how I thought. It takes three month's until i was finding a manufacturer for the laser cutted parts. It was frustrating. But I have been keeped on doing and now (one and a half year later) I really learned a lot and that makes me proud.

I am still motivated and want to help everyone who has no hand craft skills or time to buy all the parts to build the machines himself.

DIY stands for Do It Yourself and Recy may you can suspect it, for Recycling. The best of Precious Plastic is, it combines two of my interests in one Projekt. Get my hands dirty to build the machines and recycle waste and turn it into something valuabel or useable (again).

By the way thanks Dave for this amazing project.

(I am also thinking junkyards are exciting and maybe we can organize a trip to one of it through the PP-community. If you interested let me know because my friends will never come with me to visit one.)

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