Shredder with stainless steel knives and fixed knives

Thne knives and fixed knives are from stainless steel 304 and residue regular steel. The final set includes all components with laser cutting, two bearings and shaft. Just sent me a message and I will find the cheapest shipping price. Delivery time is the fastest, mostly 2-3 weeks.

Laser cut regular steel S235 JR parts.
Laser cut stainless steel 304 knives and fixed knives parts.
HEX shaft
2x UCFL204 Bearings
Nuts and bolts required for assembly
All Parts are sanded/debbured
Turnaround time: up to 10 business days.

The shipping to:
Poland - 25 Euros
Lithuania - 30 Euros
Belgium - 30 Euros
Germany - 25 Euros
France - 35 Euros
Belgium - 35 Euros
Italy - 35 Euros
United states - 120 Euros
Canada - 150 Euros

Country of Origin: Czech Republic
International Shipping Price Includes: Europe
Weight: 15
Dimensions: 30*20*10
According to Precious Plastic drawings: Yes
Listing created Sep 12, 2019

Public discussion (20)

Carlos A

3 months ago

good morning. My name is Carlos and I'm from Bolivia in South America. ok n my country I do not find a laser cutting machine that can cut the pieces of 5mm and 6mm. There is no machine here in my country I need your help to sell me the parts and send them to me by mail please I pay the shipping cost no problem for that. I look forward to your response Correo:

fabio j

3 months ago

qual valor do frete para sao paulo brasil

Jakub B

3 months ago

Hi Fabio,

The shipping to Brasil is 130 Euros

Keith B

3 months ago

How much for a complete system including motor and gearbox?

230v,single phase,50Hz,shipping to UK?(Liverpool)



Bridget K

3 months ago

Hi how much is a completely system with shipping to Australia?

Jakub B

3 months ago

Hi Bridget K

The shipping to Australia is 120 euros.

Jimmy M

3 months ago

Hello Jakub B, Would the total price if shipped to the USA be 245 euros? And does it come in pieces or is it welded together?

Jakub B

3 months ago


The shipping to USA Is 125 euros. It Is 335 euros total Price.

phil c

2 months ago

Do you ship to uk

Juan Luis c

1 month ago

Hello, I'm interested in your product but before to buy I need information about how many rpm (for search motor and reduction) could you recommend to work for this shredder block.

About delivery to Spain, which is the price and delivery time?.


Juan Luis c

1 month ago

The shredder it's according to Dave Hakkens design? Have the same dimensions 135x210x149mm?

Robert W

1 month ago

Hi, Whats the price for delivery to the UK?

Misbah M

30 days ago

Hi, do you sell this as parts to put together or already put together as shown in the images?

Cristian A

17 days ago

Hola, haven envios a Costa Rica? Y que costo?

Ahmet S

12 days ago

Thank You For Super Service and Fast Delivery


6 days ago

Jakub how much it would cost to send it to Spain.

The shafts have some hole or recess for crank, accessory to join an engine.

You can with solid pieces of PLA, since you need it to recycle remains of 3d printing to be able to re-extrude it into filament.

Matus K

4 days ago

Ahoj Jakub. Mal by som zaujem, posielas to takto poskladane? Byvam v Bratislave, ale casto chodim do Prahy, mam tam aj pribuznych, takze mi to mozes poslat aj tam. Kolko by stalo? Vdaka za odpoved, Matus

phil c

2 days ago

Can you give me your details so I can send via Western union

Emma S

10 hours ago

Hello. If I buy one, could you pack to send it out promptly as I would like to have this by Dec.28th in Japan. If yes, please advise the total price in advance. thank you.

stef l

3 hours ago

hi,is this the latest version of dave?

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