Sawarna Puzzle Stool

Sawarna Puzzle Stool is a Knockdown stool made from full of plastic waste with marbling pattern.

This stool is in collaboration with Studiohand.

Sawarna Puzzle Stool made by request (pre order)
Time : 3 days

Width : 35 cm
Height : 40 cm
Weight: 5500 grams
Maximum Weight 100kg

*the shipping cost can change depends on country

Country of Origin: Indonesia
International Shipping Price Includes: US, Europe
Color: Dark Blue, White, Black, Green, White and Blue
Weight: 5500 gram
Dimensions: 40x40x30 cm
Source of plastic: Bottle Cap
Plastic type: HDPE
Made with: Compression machine
Production: Limited
Finish: High
Plastic type symbol: No
Listing created Sep 12, 2019

Public discussion (2)

Dorothea K

4 months ago

hey how much would be the shipping to germany?

Amin S

7 days ago

Hi Love these.

Please email me about buying some on


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