Injection Machine (Australia)

Plastic injection machine built according to Precious Plastic Plans + upgrades

Stainless steel 10mm nozzle (BSP)
Electrical surge rest
Keyed emergency stop

All machines are fitted by certified electrician to Australian wiring standards

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Country of Origin: Australia
International Shipping Price Includes: Shipping to Australia only
Dimensions: 2200mm x 800mm x 700mm
Voltage: 240v
According to Precious Plastic drawings: Yes
Listing created Aug 19, 2019

Public discussion (6)

Sara C

16 days ago

Nice to see someone in Au ! What about the other machines have you made them? I’m looking to get started in Townsville

More Than Ten Cents

11 days ago

Hello over there :)

We offer the extruder, shredder, injection and compression oven, currently designing the panel maker to be released in December.

Sara C

11 days ago

Nice to see you here and yes we are after them all. I did not think the panel makers designs were released yet? I also need moulds who do i contact re that? we are in Townsville.

Ill have to see who is going to be best value for these things as they are all adding up!

do you think its an issue to buy from overseas re electrics? also did you do the upgrades on the machines to make them chunkier???? cheers Sara ps

More Than Ten Cents

10 days ago

Hi Sarah,

we are designing our own panel maker as precious plastics have pushed out the release date to January and we already have customers asking. We can also offer the moulds or you can seek out a local fabricator - they're not difficult to make but because it's such a small job it can be expensive.

Check out our website for more details and pricing on most of our machines and parts. (We also do kits if you have the resources to build them)

All our Electrics are done here in Darwin, I'm not sure what you mean about sourcing them from overseas?

I am also not sure what upgrades make the machines chunkier our Shredder is redesigned to be a pretty tough little beast but this was not a precious plastic upgrade this was our own adaptation to get more torque to the blade.

We have opted not to go for the electronic upgrades offered by precious Plastics, simply to keep the cost down and to keep things simple and easy to maintain. The Electrics on each of our machines cost around $1000 already because they are done by a licensed electrical contracting company and fully certified. We can provide these upgrades at your cost but they're not part of our standard offering.

Sara C

10 days ago

Hi can we talk by email

I’m confused on the moulding process how you get the hot plastic into the mould? Thanks sara

Sara C

2 days ago


there appear to be two web pages for precious plastic bizarre ? this is an email written 8 days ago where we talk about recycling machines. I asked if we could talk by email above but did not hear back. Then I get another message from a different site saying we have never spoken. I have emailed the address on the add twice now on the 14th and 15th Nov. But no replies? You emailed me on the other site saying we had not spoken so Ill take a screen shot of this and post it on that as well. What email can I get you on then? thanks Sara

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