All parts for shredder

The parts are mixed materials, all parts are regular steel and the parts are 5 mm thick are the stainless steel 204 (the blades of the shredder). The final set includes all components with laser cutting, two bearings and shaft. The laser cut parts are not finished, Only cut laser parts you need to make sunken holes for the bolts and grind the parts. Just sent me a message and I will find the cheapest shipping price. Delivery time is the fastest, mostly 2-3 weeks.

Country of Origin: Czech republic
International Shipping Price Includes: Europe
Weight: 13
Dimensions: 35*20*10
According to Precious Plastic drawings: Yes
Listing created May 14, 2019

Public discussion (4)


Yasmin i

8 days ago

Hey! this components its available?

I think that u need to update their payment details.


Jakub B

7 days ago

Hi, yes its available :-)

Payment details are ok.


hannah w

4 days ago

Do you ship to the US?


Jakub B

3 days ago

Hi Hannah,

Shipping to USA is 130 E, delivery is one week.

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