Book marker 60mmx90mmx0.15 or 0.3mm

It cams with 3 parts plus the screws
You can use the one flat plate and the other milling plate to get 1.5 mm object (more hard to injected)
and you can use two milling plates 1.5 each that means 3mm object (more easy to injected)

comes according to your noozle

Country of Origin: Greece
International Shipping Price Includes: Bookmark
Weight: 450kgr
Dimensions: 9x12x1.2cm
Material: Aluminium
Technique: Cnc milling
Mould for: Injection machine
Listing created Feb 10, 2019

Public discussion (3)


5 months ago

is the mould 0.5 cm thick or the product that comes out of the mould


3 months ago

How long does it take to ship to Portugal? And how much would it cost?


3 months ago

around 12 days in total

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