Injection & Extrusion Set

This set gives you an injection and extrusion machine in one for the most economic price possible. We've spent lot's of efforts and testing into this design and we are really happy about the outcome.


  • the machine requires only small space on the corner of a robust table, operating space is 80 x 80 cm, 1.60 meter high
  • perfect for small projects or educational purposes
  • the system is mount on a thick metal plate which provides you rigidity out of the box and lowers the requirements for the base
  • the switch from extrusion to injection requires 3 minutes time for re-configuration
  • the system is scalable, you can attach a shredder-box later but you will need to switch the motor for at least 2KW. The reducer and inverter is capable for that
  • safe and usable by kids from 12+ years
  • motor power : 750 Watt
  • reducer 1:20
  • Includes an inverter to supply the motor with 3 phase
  • heat bands : 250 Watt
  • Screw : wood drill & industrial screw for fine operations
  • control box: metal, properly grounded and has a breaker.
  • nozzle and adapter, metric (email us for customization

Upgrades & Options (on request):

  • shredder box, hopper & 2KW motor : 550
  • barrel heat insulation: 50 Euro
  • small mold (requires your 3 model files): 130 Euro
  • table (small and rigid, in metal): 150 Euro
  • extra controllers for auto-reverse: 30 Euro
  • extra safety to cover coupling: 20 Euro
  • hopper with window (acrylic): 30 Euro

please drop us an email for questions (not here) :

Country of Origin: Germany
International Shipping Price Includes: Europe
Weight: 45-70
Dimensions: 1.20m x 60cm x 60cm (DHL standard parcel)
Voltage: 220v
According to Precious Plastic drawings: Yes
Listing created Jan 17, 2019

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Tim face

Tim S

3 months ago

Nice work! very cool design

Robot with gear mechanism 1048 3577

Precious Plastic Catalonia

3 months ago

Thanks @timslab! In a couple of weeks we release the 3-in-one machine (shredder/injection/extrusion), with a couple of updates (see added picture :-)


david b

1 month ago

Hi, We're really interested in the the "3-in-one machine (shredder/injection/extrusion)"

Please email me

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