Shredder Machine Set

The one in the photos is my personal shredder, if you don't like gold frame don't worry, I will paint yours with the color you like.

You can choose both engine power, mono-tri phase type and reduction ratio gear.

In mine the engine is mono-phase 1,5 hp and the reduction ratio is 1400-21, but we can choose togheter the best parameters on your requirements.

! Reverse function present
! Emergency stop present
! Motor overcharge protection present
! Big red working indication light present, for safety

Shredding unit is made by INOX AISI 304 Steel
Axe is made by INOX AISI 303 steel

Hopper in made in laquered steel, on request it can be made in INOX steel

Sieve is included with the hole size on your requirements

Frame is made in laquered steel

Country of Origin: Italy
International Shipping Price Includes: On request i can quote your own shipping
Weight: 50
Dimensions: 145 x 83 x 52
According to Precious Plastic drawings: Yes
Listing created Nov 23, 2018

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Jacek L

1 years ago


It's very dangerous to have such ocnfiguration like yours. Shaft from gearbox directly connected to the shredder without any connection sleeve like clutch (proper coupling). When something will block the shredder blade it can damage shredder and gearbox and do some very harmful things to the operator. I know such event in my environment.

Please consider to use some coupling.


1 years ago

Hello Jacek

Thank you for your advice.

How would you suggest to do this?

I may adapt an idraulic driven clutch from a moped? Or buy an idraulic driven clutch? I think that would cost 300€ or more, to buy, to modify and adapt it on the shredder.

Then the clutch has to be torque-calibrated, do you know any ways to do this? Maybe we need to do some charpy tests on samples to measure the force needed to break them in the shredder..

Then the clutch would slip if something is harder than the calibration torque, the shredder becomes useless..

For shredder blocking there's magnetotermic engine saver.

If an operator put steel bolts into the shredder instead of plastic, I think that the problem is the operator..

Even company shredder with electric drive, does not have clutches.

In precious plastic tutorials no clutches are mentioned..

When my own shredder blocks, I just reverse it and try again, many times until it shreds, or I could Mount a more powerful engine.

Have a nice day

Jacek L

1 years ago

Remember - if less r.p.m directly from gearbox is generated - more torque is generated and I'm afraid that magnetotermic engine saver will not react rapidly on time and the shredder baldes will ba broken (easy part to replace of course).

In PP tutorials no clutches mentioned - that's true. But that tutorials were made a year ago. Now after a year of experience I can tell that I will not use the shredder kit without proper clutch. The clutch I'm using cost around 50 euro.

You wrote: clutch has to be torque-calibrated - yes that's true. But you have the information about electric motor you have and gearbox and know the r.p.m and you can calculate how much torque is directed to the shaft and choose correct torque calibrated clutch.

For example my own set generates around 342Nm of torque.

I have nothing to your offer. But just I'm giving you some friendly advice.


1 years ago

Hello Jacek, thank you for your answer.

This is a quite a tricky part perhaps: For torque calibration of the clutch you don't have to look at the torque produced by the engine but to the maximum torque that the inox blades can support..this is not so much easy to calc..the weak link in the shredder are the blades…..shaft, gear, engine, if opportunely coupled, can be stopped by opposing shredding torque without problems...the shredder can stop if there is a piece of plastic too hard to break in just one time, the only thing which happen is the heating of the engine copper coils.

But as you said, the blades are quite cheap, and quite easy to replace

Have a nice day



1 years ago

If you use a 3 phase motor with a eletronic variable frequency drive, perhaps you can control torque parameters, using the inbuilt safety circuits.

Bruno B

1 years ago


How many kg of plastic can you shredd per hour?

Do you have any informations for the different type of plastic?

What's the energy consumption of this machine?

For the maintenance, what do you recommend, in terms of"what to do" ?


12 months ago

hola, estaría interesado en su producto, aun lo tiene?gracias

Valerio F

12 months ago

hi, Is the Machine still available?


21 hours ago

this can treat up to 10 kg per hour, it is still avaiable.

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