Sunglasses made entirely with waste plastics. Designed to last and to be easily recycled once their useful lifespan is over, so they don't become a waste management problem.
The product consists of three parts. The frame, the legs and the pins. All made out of the same material.

Lenses are UV400, Cat. 3.

Country of Origin: Spain
International Shipping Price Includes: Worldwide
Color: Various
Weight: 20gr
Dimensions: 160 * 60 * 40
Source of plastic: Festival cups
Plastic type: PP
Made with: Injection machine
Finish: High
Plastic type symbol: No
Listing created Oct 9, 2018

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Radoslaw S

12 months ago

youre glases are awesomeee wow


11 months ago

I'm interested in making glasses from recycled plastic. Would you be willing to share information on how I can get a mould made and any other useful information on the process?


11 months ago

I am also interested in a mould? Could you give some information about it, please.

Pure Oceans

10 months ago

Hi there - We're an NGO cleaning plastic from beaches and recycling the plastic we collect.

We would be very interested in buying a mould or get the STL 3D files to produce one.

Please write to



John A

9 months ago

Do you use an injection mould for these?


9 months ago

Hello John! Yes, we do!

Nicolás G

8 months ago

Buenos días, me gustaría saber que colores tienen disponibles y si hacen envíos a Colombia? Utilizan algún colorante o simplemente el color del plástico reciclado?

Nicolás G

8 months ago

Buenos días quisiera saber cuales gafas tienen disponibles en el momento y cuanto tarda un envio a Madrid?

Mauro G

8 months ago

I, once again, do you have an injection mould for that?


8 months ago

Hola Nicolás,

Tenemos las gafas que ves en las fotos disponibles. Dinos cuál te interesan y las enviamos a Madrid. Tardarían unos cinco días desde la realización de la orden, sin contar findes de semana. Saludos!


8 months ago

Hi Mauro,

Yes, we use and injection mould. Cheers!

natasha a

7 months ago

Looking forward to making my own on Thursday at your workshop!

Steve M

4 months ago

Fascinating project. It appears that you use hinge "pins" made of the same material as the frames? I hope you will consider sealing the bottom of the pin perhaps using a soldering iron creating a rivet. I have been an optician for 40 years and have found that due to the rotation of the temples it can cause screws to "back out".


2 months ago

Hi Steve, thanks for your message! We designed the pins so that they will always rotate 1/4 of turn together with the arm, hence not being able to have vertical movement. We've had the first pair for about two years now and still going very strong without a single pin drop! :)

Nathan W

2 months ago

I am also curious about the molds. I understand that your particular molds are your IP and style but I am looking into doing something similar in a developing country. I was wondering what you would be able to share plan wise for the molds. I would want to chose my own style but I'm not sure where to start. Also, what type of plastic do you use for the lenses?


2 months ago

Hi Nathan,

We offer moulds design service as well as product design service. We are planning on releasing everything opensource, but haven't got there yet.

For the lenses, we use CR39, but we don't make them. Due to safety and health requirements they need to be brand new, unfortunately.

Hope this helps!


Nathan W

2 months ago


Thanks for the reply.

How could I get more information about your mold design service? On your website? Could you email me maybe?

I see about the lenses UV protection and all.

Looking forward to your opensource material.


Mauricio V

19 days ago

Can this model be converted into corrective lens?

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