Recycle 3D Filament HDPE- High Density Polyetylene

Filament Type : HDPE- High Density Polyethylene Printer Type : Creality #D CR- 10 s5, Anycubic i3 Mega, Wanhao Duplicator 6, Raprap Prusa i3 Extruder Type : Direct Drive/ Bowden Tube

Layer Height : 0,12 - 0,20 mm

Fill Density : 20 - 100%

Print Speed : 30 - 100 mm/s

Printing Temperature : 220 - 260oC

Build Bed Temperature : 70- 110oC

Retraction Speed : 20 - 40 mm/s


Use paper tape then paper glue for bed before printing

*Above information just for reference, Pls adjust according to yours

Country of Origin: Indonesia
International Shipping Price Includes: shipping cost for 1 kilogram filament to Dutch from Indonesia
Color: white/ black/ maroon/ dark green/ baby blue
Weight: 1300 gram
Dimensions: 17 x 17 x 8
Source of plastic: shampoo bottle, bottle cup, oil, or detergent bottle from trash bank in Indonesia
Plastic type: HDPE
Made with: Extrusion machine
Finish: High
Plastic type symbol: No
Listing created Oct 5, 2018

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Scott T

1 day ago

What is the diameter of the filament?

Logo 07


1 day ago

The diameter is around 1,75mm. but it still not exactly 1,75mm. It's about 1,65-1,85mm


Scott T

1 day ago

What is shipping cost to California?

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