All Precious Plastic Machine Set

All Precious Plastic Machine Set.

Include Shredder, Extrusion, and Compression &Injection Machines.

Include In Details.

Shredder Machine.

It Comes With High Grade Stainless Steel With Powerful Gearbox With Motor.

Extrusion Machine.

It Comes With Industrial Screw Made Of EN41B Mosco & a High Grade Steel Extrusion Barrel With Gearbox & Motor.

Compression Machine.

It Comes With Heating Chamber Having 3 Side Heater. Front Side Glass Door With Screw Jack Mechanism.

Injection Machine.

It Comes With Stainless Steel Extrusion Barrel With Pushing Rod. PID Controller for Heating Coil.


All Machine Is Shipped In Semi Assembled Condition To Avoid Unnecessary Shipping Cost.

Link to easy DIY Assembly of Frame will be provided.

Shipped in Wooden Boxes.

All Banners & Stickers will be provided in the Box.

Every Machine Comes With Sample Mold.

Delivery Details.

All Machines manufacture time: 30 Days.

Machine manufacture will start after receiving of Order.

Air Flight Shipping Will Takes 7 Days.

Ocean Shipping Will Takes 25 Days.

Above shipping duration are Tentative for All Countries.

If Any Other Information Required Please Inbox Me.

Country of Origin: India
International Shipping Price Includes: For International Shipping Please Drop Message In Comment
Weight: 250
Dimensions: As Per Precious Plastic Machine
Voltage: 220v
According to Precious Plastic drawings: Yes
Listing created Aug 4, 2018

Public discussion (22)

David M

10 months ago

Hello ,do you deliver to Europe?

In case of yes, pass me a quote, delivering to MAdrid (Spain)

GB Manufacturer

10 months ago

Hi David Yes We Can Deliver The Europe.

Please Provide Me Your Zip Code So I Can Calculate The shipping Cost .

Michael P

10 months ago

Hello, how much is the set + shipping to Austria (Zip code 4030)? Please send me both prices when it goes by ship and when it goes by plane. Thanks, Michael

Tim T

10 months ago


Do you know the maximum temperature of the oven?

How much would it cost to ship it to Denmark? (Copenhagen, zip code 2150)

Regards, Tim

Léa L

10 months ago

Hi, can we buy you only the shredder and the injection machines ? And what kind of tools do we need to assemble them ?



GB Manufacturer

10 months ago

Hello Lea

For Assembly Of This Machine Required Spanner & Allan Kay.

Léa L

10 months ago

And how much would the injection and the shredder machines cost ?

GB Manufacturer

10 months ago

Injection -425. Euro.

Shredder - 1060. Euro

For Shipping Cost I Need Your Zip Code So I Can Find The Exact Shipping Cost.

Léa L

10 months ago

66000 Perpignan, France

GB Manufacturer

10 months ago

Hello Lea

Air Fright Is Around 1050 Euro. & It Takes 4 Days To Deliver The Machine.

Léa L

10 months ago

Okay thanks, I need to look for all the options and I'll come back to you soon.

Have a great day !

GB Manufacturer

10 months ago

Your welcome Lea

Risto E

10 months ago


How much would it cost to ship to Namibia (Africa),


GB Manufacturer

10 months ago

Hello Risto

Air Fright Is Around 1200 Euro. & It Takes 4 Days To Deliver.

Antonin P

8 months ago


I would like to know the price for the shredder and the injection machine including ocean shipping (25days) to France (zip 38700)



Galathea M

8 months ago

Hello, can you please tell me how much will cost with the shipment to Plovdiv, Bulgaria zip code 4000 ?

Simone C

7 months ago

Hi, please can I have a quote for the four machines shipped to italy? Zip code 70100. Thanks

Jamie F

7 months ago

Do these come fully assembled? If not, how much would it cost to ship fully assembled to Battle Creek, MI? Also, can I order an extra custom injector attachment? I'm looking for one that I can attach to the injection that will make the plastic come out as thin as fine thread, like the kind you sew with. Is this something you can do? How much would it cost?

Jamie F

7 months ago

Sorry, I meant that the extra attachment was for the extrusion machine, not the injection machine.

Camille M

5 months ago


Can you deliver this product to Madagascar (Tamatave) ?

Thank you



5 months ago

hi! I would like to buy your machine! do you know how much cost to send it to Spain? 280039


Precious Plastic Perth

4 months ago


Could we have total cost for all machines except the shredder including shipping to Perth Australia 6100. Please email me

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