2x Bearing - UCFL204 20mm

2x Bearing - UCFL204 20mm

Typical international shipping is 12€.

For special shipping select - additional items

According to technical drawing: d=20mm; J=90mm; H=112,5mm; L=60,5mm


International Shipping Price Includes: Delivery in Europe
Weight: 1
Dimensions: 113x60mm
According to Precious Plastic drawings: Yes
Listing created Jul 2, 2018

Public discussion (2)

Oriol S

11 months ago

Si somos de España, es domestical shipping??

alexandre m

10 months ago

1 Shredder 2.1 Laser parts Steel DD11. 175 euros

1 Shredding axe Steel SPB 14 euros

2x Bearing - UCFL204 20mm 20 euros

International shipping 49 euros

so I save 12 euros from shipping the bearings and 19 euros from shipping the steel shaft if you give to put everything in the same shipment please

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