Lasercut Shredder parts

Lasercut Shredder parts

Components to build shredder:

3 mm in DC01-A-m oiled steel

5 mm in DC01-A-m oiled steel

6 mm in DC01-A-m oiled steel




5 to 10 days to receive the components.

Country of Origin: porto
International Shipping Price Includes: Europe
Weight: 11,4 Kg
Dimensions: According to Precious Plastic drawings
According to Precious Plastic drawings: Yes
Listing created May 26, 2018

Public discussion (7)

Mariella M

12 months ago

Hi, I want to know if you kit follows last version of Dave's instructions. I need one completed with axe, bearings, hopper, just to assembler. I am in Rome which will be final price with shipping? thx

OPOLAB - FAB´lab Porto

12 months ago


The total price is 345,00€

Thank you


Nicolas L

11 months ago


I would like to buy a completed shredder (bearings,axe,hopper) without motor of course.

I'm in France, can you tell me the complete price with delivery?

Thank you

Best regards

Alexandre B

8 months ago


We would like to order the same pack as Mariella M for 345€ as you said. But we weren't able to find this pack in the store (Bazar).

Is it you that propose this pack, or another group ? If it's you, how may we order the pack ?

Thank you

Have a good recycling ;)

Hussein E

6 months ago

Hello guys! How much this set together with transfer to Russia?

Stephane R

4 months ago


Do you have kits avaible ?

Many thanks

OPOLAB - FAB´lab Porto

4 months ago

Hello guys

Please send us msg, thank you!

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