Injector **USA**

This is the Precious Plastic injector, built with imperial measurements.

The machine is used to heat up the plastic chips and inject the molten plastic into moulds.

We used 1 1/4" square tube for the frame and the pipe for the injection process is 1" ID.

If you have custom specifications or a new idea on how to improve this machine, please reach out to us!

This item can be purchased with USD on our website here.

Stock image found on Precious Plastic software. Professional pictures of our products to come.

International Shipping Price Includes: World
Dimensions: 0
Voltage: 220v
According to Precious Plastic drawings: Yes
Listing created May 14, 2018

Public discussion (2)


Emilia L

10 months ago

Hello, I am interested in buying this machine, how much does it cost to ship to Uruguay?

Is it ready to use?

Thank you


joshua m

7 months ago

Hello, good afernoon.

I would like to know, how much the injection machine costs. I'm from Chile, and I have a foundation that makes products with plastics and I would like to quote the machine that I need, their features and delivery time.

I will waiting for your answer.


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