Request for Moulds

Interested in square tile moulds as well as mould for bowls, cups, plates. Needs to be able to ship internationally. Can be for injection or compression machines.

International Shipping Price Includes: Needs to be able to ship to Maldives
Dimensions: Any
Material: Stainless Steel
Technique: Injection or compression
Mould for: Injection machine
Listing created Apr 23, 2018

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Removed user

2 years ago


I could help you if you are ok with aluminium! Cutting stainless is a pretty expensive adventure and you actually don't need stainless molds for cups & plates.

I have a powerful CNC and I use my own baken aluminium from better scrap. The prices only depend on the size your desired mold.

For example,

a mold for a plate = requires around 3 hours time to get the aluminum (2-3 kg) from my foundry, another 2 hours machining, 2 hours planning and design = 1 day work, 100 - 150 euro in total. I can also buy aluminum but it won't affect the price much.

hope it helps,


Linde J

2 years ago

That sounds fair. I actually don't mind to have the molds in aluminium, I'm more worried about having the machines themselves in stainless steel. It sounds like a fair deal. I'll keep your contact. We won't be purchasing any molds until we have solidified purchase of the machines.

I don't suppose you also make machines...

Also, you are ok with international shipping?

Removed user

2 years ago

Hi Linde,

I'm glad to help. Yes, I do machines too but I guess the shipping fees from Catalonia to the Maldives are insane, given the weight and sizes of all machines, it will be the thousands of Euros. I think the best in this situation is that you get the frames/hopper done locally, also the motors should be more cheap to buy next to you. I could give you an proposal through email:

kind regards,


Removed user

2 years ago

btw. you could also just take any creepy cnc router (around 600 euro for plastics) and cut the plastic down again to plates and cups: blocks & cylinders,...

lets hope we soon a steady plastic connection :-)

Risto E

1 years ago


Can you send images of your molds and and pricelist.

Can you ship to Namibia (Africa)

Thank you.


1 years ago

hello! do you have the dimensions of bowls?

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