Heavy Duty sieve replacement, bent to radius

Perforated stainless steel mesh bent to radius for the shredder's sieve. Self designed and lasercut in 304 stainless 2 mm thick. 3 sideplates included, to weld one in the middle section.

There are no holes on the sides, so that the weld can be full and strong

To pay in £ GBP enquire first as there would be a small discount

Further discounts will be applied if you become my patreon supporter (http://www.patreon.com/singularmars )

I personally donate part of my profits every month to Precious Plastic so if you buy from me you'll be supporting them too! :)

International Shipping Includes: Europe, send message first
According to Precious Plastic drawings: Yes
Dimensions: 148.5 mm wide
Listing created Apr 8, 2018

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Precious Plastic Official

3 months ago

wow look nice!


Etiido U

2 months ago

How much would it cost to ship to Nigeria?

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Singular MARS

1 month ago

Sorry, can't export out of Europe :( If you have a partner in France we could see


Shane T

2 days ago

Would you be willing to send out your car drawings of this part?

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Singular MARS

2 days ago

Sure, send me an email info@plastic.singularmars.com

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