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Hello everyone

I'm currently selling the Precious Plastic Shredder in mild steel and the parts are cut using my own redesign in Imperial thickness (More info HERE

The shredder design was modified to fit imperial steel which is most commonly found in all America and works just like the original one.
The metal type used is mild steel due to its strength and low cost compared with stainless steel.

What does it include?
*All shredder parts in imperial thickness
*Hex Shaft cut and milled perfectly to fit imperial size
*2 x UCFL204 bearings with 3/4" bore
*All nuts, screws, bolts needed on the shredder
*Sieve with perforated metal sheet


*350.000 Colones / 500 Eur / 570 USD : Fully assembled and pretty much ready to use
*300.000 Colones / 430 Eur / 490 USD : All shredder parts dissasembled, plus Hex Bar, UCFL204 bearings, nuts and bolts.

*The keyslot is not included by default because it depends on the type of coupling you use. If you need a keyslot on your shaft and know the exact coupling you will use, just message me with details of your coupling or your keyslot requirements

*The Hex Shaft ends can be milled to 3/4" or 1", same goes for the bearings

*If you need just the hex bar, message me with details of your request

*The Hopper is not included for multiple reasons:
*1-Package weight increase
*2-Package size increase
*3-Cost increases considerably
*4-You could easily make one with MDF or regular wood and save you the money

*If after reading all of this you still want to get a hopper for the shredder, message me with your request details

*The motor is not included. If you need advice about where to get a motor just message me and I will help you on your motor-finding journey.

*The frame is not included but if you live in Costa Rica, I have a friend who can make the frame for you. Cost is around $300 for the frame and hopper but I'll have to ask him first. Just message me and lets talk.

*Still have questions?
*Send me a PM through the Precious Plastic Forum:
*Or send me a message here on the bazar
*Or message me in Facebook:
*Or give me a call at 70152367 or add me on WhatsApp. I strongly suggest you to send me a message prior to calling, I normally ignore unknown numbers ;)


If you are buying in Costa Rica, we can negotiate shipping or even schedule a local pick-up

If you are an international buyer, I can send you the shredder through "EMS Courier International". Shipping calculator HERE (Select options ENCOMIENDA INTERNACIONAL, either Priority or non-priority, weight 13000 grams)

If you are located in a country nearby such as Panama or Nicaragua, I believe there are "Encomiendas" services that transport packages through Bus or trucks, we can negotiate shipping this way if you prefer.

More info:

Eur Exchange rate used: 1 EUR = 700 colones
USD Exchange rate used: 1 USD = 615 colones

Country of Origin: Costa Rica
International Shipping Price Includes: All shredder parts dissasembled
Weight: 13kg
Dimensions: Standard
According to Precious Plastic drawings: Yes
Listing created Mar 17, 2018

Public discussion (8)

Apo B

2 years ago

I had been reading your post an they are of great value, Thanks for your help and I want to ask How can we manage the shipping to Guatemala?


2 years ago

I'm glad to help :)

Just sent you a private message with more details about shipping

amina c

4 months ago

Hello is shipping to LaPaz Bolivia possible ? If so how much will it cost and how long will it take to arrive ?


4 months ago

Yes, I can. Priority shipping would cost 130 USD, and non-priority shipping would be 102 USD. Build + Shipping time would be approximately 1 month.

Clara Z

4 months ago

Hi, is shipping to Republica Dominica possible? If so, please, how much will it cost and how long will it take to arrive?


4 months ago

Replied on Private Message

Enrique H

4 months ago

Hi Oliver, how much is the shipping to El Salvador?


4 months ago

To El Salvador:

Standard Shipping (4 weeks approx): $68

Priority Shipping (3 weeks approx): $96

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