Transparant PETG (10kg)

Transparant PETG granules from an industrial recycling company. Originating from industrial waste. This is super clean plastic, it's sold as food grade.

PET-G, that stands for Polyethylene terephthalate glycol-modified. The glycol lowers the melting temperature and prevents crystallization of the material which makes it a really easy material to work with.
Melting temperature is around 200C but can be
worked with from around 190C to 260C.
Glass transistion temperature is around 88C.

Price is per 10kg. For other quantities please send us a message.

Shipping within Netherlands €6,50 (included)

Shipping within Europe €25,-

International Shipping Price Includes: Within Europe
Color: Transparant
Weight: 10kg
Source of plastic: Originating from industrial waste.
Plastic type: OTHER
Washed: Yes
Granulates size : 2.5mm
Listing created Jan 3, 2018

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