Information about Precious Plastic Bazar

How it works

How it works

Precious Plastic Bazar is a place to connect buyer and sellers from the Precious Plastic community. Buyers and seller should exchange  only products, machines, parts, raw material (plastic), tools and items from the Precious Plastic ecosystem. 

Default prices include domestic delivery (within the country of residence of the seller). International shipping option is also available if the buyer resides outside of the seller's country. 

Precious Plastic Bazar is managed by the Precious Plastic team. However, Precious Plastic is not responsible for the content exchanged on the platform. We do our best to monitor and manage the platform but sometimes it can go beyond our control. Send us an email if you spot faults or anomalies. 

Our community is built upon trust and respect. Please, be nice to people and share some love. 
We reserve the right to kick out anyone not behaving accordingly. 

Precious Plastic team