Jacek L

I'm a huge fan of plastic recycling. I agree with Dave that together we can change the world and decrease the plastic polution on earth. I have access to people who have the machines and can create some parts for me. I created based on Dave's instructions a shredder and it works perfect :) Unfortunetly I don't have enough place to create other machines.... But I hope it will change in the future.
I'm intrested in plastic pyrolisys - convert plastic waste in to oil.

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Everything about machine and Jacek is perfect.


I just open package. All is ok very good involved. But to arrange the shredder I have to wait when I back from Tanzania. From the 7th of january cause of time to arrange pieces we have finished on the 24th.


Hello Jacek,

We have received the shredder last saturday, we have try it and everything works fine so thank you a lot !

Maybe we will ask you later for a motor.

Thanks again, regards

Julien from MELT.lab