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Since 1982, I have been creating and manufacturing objects from various synthetic and natural materials , particularly the flexible PVC laminate . I dragged the market with series of personal products and accessories - bags , cases , folders , portfolios , briefcases - in several types of clear / transparent / colored / textured pvc -material with which I was the pioneer in systematic production of objects ,that could be seen on windows of the main shops that have emerged in the years 80 in Rio and São Paulo , soon coming to other cities in Brasil. Later in New York, where I had a small workspace in 83, and also could sell my creations during stayings in Glasgow and Paris in the early 90's.

In 1995 , I began to experiment the reprocessing of materials and leftovers from my work , recycling plastics using home equipment only , resulting in different original processes ... these techniques have been shared in workshops with artisans or students and Design professionals and related areas.

Original Ideiasplasticas, functional and playful transiting freely between the worlds of accessories, gifts and promotional kits, packaging, displays, scenographic, decoration objects and furniture ...

‐‐ Skils
‐ Designer of utlitarian and artistc objects produced from several natural and synthetic
materials, mainly PVC;
‐ Development of projects and manufacturing of products for personal, thematic and
custom , small furniture , scenographic objects , decora ve and inflatable ;
‐ Research of alternative methodologies of transforma on of raw materials, and
experimentation in the area of material recycling ;
‐ Coordination of projects of workshops of experimentation/reuse of materials, directed to
students and professionals of Design and related, artisans and community groups;
‐ Mastery of several computer programs in the area of design as CorelDraw and similar, and basic
programs of creation of sites for the Internet, editing of audio and video.

‐‐ Experience / Performance

‐ "Fernando Chinaglia Distribuidora" ‐ Rio
Department of Arts/Marke ng Management.
‐ "Jean Mercier Inc" ‐ New York, USA
Internship in Fashion Show‐room of Vanguard.
‐ Nora Nelson Inc" ‐ New York, USA
Production of posters and advertisements for magazines.
‐ First crea ons : Own workshop of production of accessories, Rio.
‐ "Claudio W37st" ‐ New York, USA
Own workshop of production of accessories.
‐ Modern Museum" ‐ Rio de Janeiro ‐ Own workshop Creation and manufacture of stationery
accessories and objects.
‐ Subclube" ‐ Barra da Tijuca , Rio : Shop / art gallery of Artistic objects and clothing.
1989 / 1993
‐ All Plastic" ‐ Rio ‐ Own Confec on : Crea on and manufacture of products for personal use.
1994 / current
‐ Own workshop of Design and production of objects and computer graphics.

‐‐ Some Participations
‐ CCBB ‐ Rio : Inflatable for the exhibition " The museum goes to the beach "
‐ Faculdade da Cidade ‐ Rio de Janeiro : 'Packaging, Design and Environment Week':
Lecture and Expo of recycled materials and products
‐ Exhibition " PVC Plasticity + Design "
PVC Institute / Casa Shopping ‐ Rio de Janeiro
‐ other runway shows and exhibitions
‐ Cempre" Award ‐ Honourable Merit
Business Commitment to Recycling ‐ SP

‐‐ Workshops with students and sympathizers
‐ PUC‐Rio 2003 : Workshop of experimentation with Plastics" ‐
‐ Senai‐Cetiqt‐ Rio 2003 : Workshop of experimentation with Plastics ‐
‐ PVC Institute ‐ Maceió/Alagoas 2004 : Project " PVC, Design + Social ", Exhibition and
Workshop with local artisans.
‐ 2004 : Materials recycling workshop
Tubiacanga Community ‐ Ilha do Governador‐ Rio
‐ Istituto Europeo di Design ‐ SP 2006 : Lecture on crea on with Plastics
‐ II Brazilian Design Biennial ‐ 'Circuito Design PVC' ‐ Brasília 2008 : Inflatables Workshop "
Objects with Air " ‐

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