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BMH Solution is recycling machines manufacturer, located in Istanbul/TURKEY, we are able to build all Precious Plastic machines and produce all parts.

We are glad to serve to the nature.


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**UPDATE to the review below**
It was really a technical defect in communication. The manufacturer apologized directly and is currently working on the missed emails.
The spare parts were sent the same day. Perfect :-)

Hi to all,

First of all, the shredder looks okay in terms of quality. A few screw holes did not fit and my hopper unfortunately has no windows. I see this as a safety hazard as well as the low height of the hopper.
But all in all a good shredder ... what I can say so far. After a really long wait, the shredder arrived. It was still missing two sieves.
Have contacted the manufacturer and he said he sends these off soon. Then we started to shred, Simple 3D-printed parts from no special plastic. This went well for about 1 minute, then the clutch with the inner steel sleeve burst. Again contacted the manufacturer, who in turn said okay I'll send you the spare part with the missing sieves.
Well.... that's already over 1 month ago and the manufacturer no longer responds to my emails and when I reach him by phone he says yes next week it goes out. I still have not received anything.

I am disappointed. Before the purchase, the response time was very short.Now the customer is ignored, although the manufacturer has not delivered completely. Annoying!

Maybe there is just a technical defect in communication and the parts are already on the way to me.
If something changes I would keep you and the comment on the running.
All right, fast delivery.
At first, I was abit sketptical doing business with BMH. After a few chats with Baki, I never hesitated to make orders for Shredder Pro Parts. All the parts arrived in time and are of very good quality. I highly recommend them for their reliability.
"Super good parts and very friendly and reliable guy to deal with. Highly recommend both for shredder pro parts and sheetpress parts!"
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