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Bochum , Nordrhein-Westfalen

arlegro. - We are two brothers from the West of Germany. We live in the heart of a former coal mining and steel industry region and we are very glad to just marvel at these old industry complexes which impress you with their massive machines and profan but still smart technic. Our grandparents often told us stories about dirty air making it impossible to dry laundry outside without having them to wash again.

But over the past few years there grew up new smokestacks, the smokestacks of waste incineration plants. Again we are polluting our air. Not that we can't dry our laundry outside, - these plants have various filters - but really everybody knows that we have to reduce our Carbon Dioxide emissions drastically. Instead we burn plastic that could have a second, a third, ... life.

arlegro. is tired of feeding garbage cans whose waste is then burned to ash - cause plastic is different from the Phoenix. To bring it back to life you have to melt it instead of burning it. You have to collect it, sort it, shred it, wash it, melt it and make new products of it. Besides you should make your customers happy. This is what arlegro. is doing :)

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